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  • ravlic said: Where’s the little guy’s tail?

Crested Geckos have really fragile tails, meaning they’ll drop them if they get too stressed at any point. It actually wasn’t known until recently that they even had tails, because so many specimens were found tailless. Cresties don’t regrow their tails like most lizards.

I got the two of them after they had already lost their tails, I don’t mind how it makes their back legs kinda creepy. No really, they look like weird frog legs.

Precious stub butt babes

Eddy and RJ


I got some baby cresties and each time I look at them they get cuter.

I really want to get golden boxing gloves and have my fight/ring name be “Goldie Box”

I’ll sit down at the end of the 29th day in a month, and suddenly recall the desire to have something completed by the end of said month.

Only to realize I’ve not improved on or accomplished anything for 29 days.

We love dwelling on our shortcomings because it’s easier and less vulnerable than sharing our work with the world. It’s safer to make something and simply say, “This isn’t good enough” and hide it away. But, that deprives the world of our point of view and something that could make a real difference for someone else.

Fall out of love with your inner critic immediately. Kill its voice before it kills you.

—"A fall(out of love) love not" byPaul Jarvis  (via heartsdontbreakeven)

reaganlodge replied to your post:GOOD NEWS!
Good God. You described my entire Active Duty career at Quantico. Garrison life was so demoralizing and stupid. The field and deployment is the only place where things felt real.
I’m hoping I can move out of backshop and get into flightline. It’s the same job, just a different part of base and mostly outside (we mostly work on planes inside the hangars), more deployment opportunities, more people, less repetitive, and better treatment.
The only problem being for me to accomplish that, we have to do a “body swap”, basically, someone from flightline has to sacrifice their soul and take my place in backshop (aka the 1st circle of Hell).


But first, bad news: The shop I work in is under the control of a terrible TSgt, and none of us can really do anything about it. There isn’t really anyone immediately above them in rank who also works in our shop’s structure. Badness Ex; We’ll be completely finished with all work in the shop, Swing Shift will have already taken control of what’s needed after Day’s 7-8 hours of work, but we’re made to sit around and do nothing till a total of 10-11 hours has passed.

My job doesn’t allow people to leave when their shift is over, we must be released. We also don’t get overtime. No other shop on base does this to subordinates. Most are released around 3:30 to 4pm, while we sit around until 6. Favoritism and hazing are also kind of a problem, along with the extremely poor time-management. Another TSgt, right below the first one in command, has brought up the fact that we’re uselessly working 50-60hrs a week, when it should only be 40, only to be immediately shot down. If any of us even ask to leave, even the ones who have families to get back to, they’re reprimanded. We’re basically put in a position where we’re afraid to ask anyone for help.

Things have progressively been getting worse due to a base-wide inspection coming up. We’ll probably be made to stay for a total of 12 hours with no reason for the next two weeks. Possibly 16hrs, because although anything over 12hrs must be “Commander approved”, technically, if we didn’t spend 12hrs on the aircraft, we can work for 16hrs with no one knowing about it but us. I’m cool if we’re needed as extra hands to help fix a plane, but that’s never the reason we stay late. We’ll have no work for an entire day, nothing broken, nothing left over from the previous day, and still be there for 10hrs. We’re not in a deployed environment, our work isn’t urgent, we literally sit around shop counters and are told to make it look like we’re working, we pretend to work. God forbid you get caught with your phone out after you’ve been pretending to do work for 5hrs. Haha, it’s like fucking retail.

Good News: Luckily, me and the shop’s other new guy have training that beginning the day before the actual inspection starts. We’ll be in training for two months, where we’ll be released at around Noon every day, which will give me a lot of free time to try to get back to art. 

And hopefully, I’ll spend all that free time wisely, before I have to go back to my shop.


A small collection of old vent art. Some of them use blood I got from a snake bite.

I really want an under-boob tattoo BUT OF WHAT

Oh my god I forgot how to draw my own characters….

It kinda always confounds me when I browse someone’s favorites and I’m like “Man this person has really good taste, I’ll fave some of these too”
And then I happen across a piece that’s mine.
Like I have to reevaluate how I see my own work from another person’s point of view. 

I think it’s weird when people say they were born in the wrong time, like they would somehow fit in better in an earlier part of history, because there are many things from this time that I myself greatly enjoy like
Tap water
Smallpox vaccines
The right to vote